SeeNoHearNoSpeakNo (2011)
3 Dancers, Viola, String Bass, and Percussion – 10 min.
Program Notes, Score, Audio

SeeNo­HearNoS­pea­kNo (2011) assigns the char­ac­ter of each of the three wise mon­keys of the pic­to­r­ial maxim “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” to a mem­ber of an instru­men­tal trio who is in turn paired with a dancer. The viola is “SeeNo” con­sists entirely of dif­fer­ent vari­eties of trills, as she is attacked by buzzings of all the things she can’t see with her eyes cov­ered. The per­cus­sion­ist (“HearNo”) is assigned an array of 12 pots and pans, three courses of four, one course damped, one muted, and the third ring­ing free­ing. Mov­ing from one course to another repli­cates the effect of cov­er­ing and uncov­er­ing your ears. “Spea­kNo” is the string bass, who begins each state­ment with a bois­ter­ous blurt­ing, and then, remem­ber­ing him­self, tones it down grad­u­ally to silence. SeeNo­HearNoS­pea­kNo was com­posed for vio­list Rose Wollman.

Video (live performance)