Synthesizer and Chamber Ensemble

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Syn­the­sizer and Cham­ber Ensemble
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Episode (1985)
Alto Sax­o­phone and Casio MT 70 – 12 min.

Win­ter Canons (The Syn­er­gism Ver­sion) (1986)
Flute, Vio­lin, Alto Sax­o­phone or Bb Clar­inet, and Syn­the­sizer – 12 min.

Elles (Toulouse-Lautrec) Music for a Lith­o­graphic Slide Show (1989)
Vio­lin, Alto Sax­o­phone, Horn, Syn­the­sizer – 25 min.

Pachel­fre­und Canon (addi­tion to “Win­ter Canons”) (1990)
3 Melody Instru­ments and Key­board – 5 min.

The White But­ter­fly (after the paint­ing by Odilon Redon) (1990)
Vio­lin, Alto Sax­o­phone, Horn, Syn­the­sizer – 4 min.

Pas­sages – Six Move­ments for Dance (1991)
Alto Sax­o­phone, Horn, Syn­the­sizer – 22 min.

Good Morn­ing, Mel­bourne (1992)
Vio­lin, Flute, Clar­inet, Alto Sax­o­phone, Horn, Trom­bone, Syn­the­sizer – 6 min.

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